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The Defense & Foreign Affairs publications On-Line

Welcome to the Defense & Foreign Affairs publications Online site.

Some of the unclassified Defense & Foreign Affairs publications, founded in 1972 as the only grand strategy-oriented publications for policy-level officials in governments, armed forces, and intelligence services worldwide, are now available on-line to paid subscribers.

The Defense & Foreign Affairs Handbook is now Online: The unique reference encyclopedia, the Defense & Foreign Affairs Handbook, is on-line on this website to be accessed by subscribers. But it's now expanded well beyond the 2,500 pages of the print edition, with many thousands of pages of data and special reports. This invaluable resource, which has been published since 1976, is now updated 24/7, and covers more than 287 countries and territories around the world, with complete listings of government leaders and cabinets; comprehensive histories and recent developments; national demographic data; political and electoral information; economic infrastructure and data; media information; defense organization and history; comprehensive listings of battle orders, key commanders, budgets, equipment, and much more; listings of intelligence and security services; details of insurgent and terrorist groups; biographies of key leaders; and so on. The Defense & Foreign Affairs Handbook Online in 2011 added detailed and current new chapters on a range of new territories, including the newly-defined Dutch territories of the former Netherlands Antilles, the emerging new sovereign state of South Sudan, the French Indian Ocean Territories, and so on.

Special reports are attached to the country chapters, apart from the 24/7 updating of recent developments, cabinet changes, statistical data, and defense changes.

Defense & Foreign Affairs Handbook Online subscribers should click onto the “Subscriber Zone” link to the Handbook (in the left column of this page), to connect immediately to the database.



Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy journal is Online: Paid subscribers can access electronic, PDF files of each edition of Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy monthly journal, even before they receive the print edition by mail, and can see archived editions going back a decade.

The link to the electronic edition is in the column at the upper left of this page. You will, however, need to get a password to enter the zone, and that password will be good for the duration of your subscription. Email to, giving the name under which your journal subscription is listed, and we will email your password codes back to you.

If you are not already a subscriber, you can click onto the “Subscription Application” section (also on the left column of this page) for full pricing details and an application form for the main Defense & Foreign Affairs products. Alternately, you can email to begin the process. You can also order all other Defense & Foreign Affairs publications through that link, except for the government-only site, the Global Information System (GIS). GIS subscribers can reach the GIS site by clicking onto the link at the left. Government officials wishing to enquire about participating in the GIS network can contact the Executive Director at to begin the process.

Click here to see a sample chapter of Defense & Foreign Affairs Handbook Online. The actual chapters online are updated constantly, so this sample shows only the organization and approach of the Online edition.

The regular Defense & Foreign Affairs Special Analysis reports, published since 1972 (and originally called Defense & Foreign Affairs Daily), along with extensive archives, will also soon be available by special subscription through this website. Open Zone

The “Open Zone” of this website contains a range of reports from the Defense & Foreign Affairs group which have been released for open viewing.

Thank you for joining us at Defense & Foreign Affairs Online.




Important Studies Now Available:

The New Total War of the 21st Century and the Trigger of the Fear Pandemic.

US$34.50 plus S&H ($8 US; $22 elsewhere). Released: June 2020. Order print or e-book direct through through or through

Sovereignty in the 21st Century and the Crisis for Identity, Cultures, Nation-States, and Civilizations.

US$32.50 plus S&H ($8 US; $22 elsewhere). Released: September 2018. Order through, or directly through

Rise of the RedMed: How the Mediterranean-Red Sea Nexus is Resuming its Strategic Centrality

US$22.50 plus S&H. On, or email orders directly to

The book which forecast the break-up of the EU:

UnCivilization: Urban Geopolitics in a Time of Chaos

Click here for more information.

Click here to see Table of Contents.

Gregory Copley’s important new book asks: When do civilizations begin … and end? And how? Is this what we are witnessing as the 21st Century matures and a totally new global architecture presents us with an unrecognizable world? Is the “chaos” all that it seems? What does it mean for the stability of nation-states, the prosperity of societies, and the way we live and wage wars over the coming decades?

The Defense & Foreign Affairs Handbook on Pakistan: New, Updated

336pp, hardcover. US$49.50 plus S&H. ISBN: 978-1-892998-21-7.

The most comprehensive and timely compendium of facts, figures, names, addresses, history and contextual data, yet published on Pakistan, with full — and uniquely rich — material on Pakistan’s defense forces, defense industry, intelligence services, and much more.

To order: call the US +1 (703) 548-1070, or email



Energy Security 2.0: How Energy is Central to the Changing Global Balance in the New Age of Geography

166pp, soft cover. US$24.95 plus US$5 S&H in the US; US$13 elsewhere. AU$28.95 in Australia. ISBN: 978-1-892998-16-5.

A totally new approach to how the world is changing, and how it is changing its energy dependency patterns. Highlights the "new geopolitics", and the rapid integration of the Eurasian continent based on energy and trade.

To order: call the D&FA office in the Washington, DC, area on +1 (703) 548-1070, or email

The Defense & Foreign Affairs Handbook on Azerbaijan

191pp, hardcover. US$45 plus S&H. ISBN: 1-892998-12-2.

The only comprehensive reference source on Azerbaijan.

To order: call the US +1 (703) 548-1070, or email